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Spanish Advanced

Spanish Advanced


Advanced Spanish 

This is suitable for people who have studied Spanish to A-level and may have spent some time in Spain and Latin America, or covered part of a degree course. In this class we will revise all grammar right through from the present tense to the major past tenses.  

Each week we will look at articles from Spanish magazines, for example items about education or housing, learn how to absorb the information, and use it as a basis for discussion. We will spend a lot of time talking about the information we have absorbed.

We will also listen to recorded Spanish about current affairs topics,and watch Spanish soap operas onYou Tube.

We recommend you email Susan to get an idea as to exactly what the best level is for you. If you would like to enrol please contact us.


"Susan is a great teacher and thoroughly recommend the classes for people looking to brush up on their languages or start learning a new one. As they do not follow the standard educational boundaries it means that you are not hindered if you haven't studied that language at school. I started with beginners Spanish and have progressed through to the Advanced level. The classes are well structured and use a variety of different materials. I have found it really useful to keep up with my Spanish which comes in handy for holidays. If there is a specific topic you want to cover Susan is very happy to accommodate this as well. The level structures mean that you are around similarly able students"
(Alex Tutty, Associate at Sheridans)