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French Intermediate

French Intermediate


French Intermediate 

Thursday 7.15pm (45 mins) Intermediate French at More London (start date Thursday September 26th)

This is for people who have done some years of French at school, maybe many years ago up to O-level or GCSE, or possibly A-level. We read and translate newspaper articles together and discuss them. As far as the grammar is concerned we'll revise the present tense, and masculine and feminine, singular and plural, and then look at the past and possibly future tenses in detail. We also look at slang, and colloquial expressions.

Courses are £165 for returning students and £195 for new students. 

We recommend you email Susan to get an idea as to exactly what the best level is for you. If you would like to enrol please contact us.


"Have had the pleasure of attending Susan's French classes during which have learnt much about the language, French life and had great fun along the way.  Highly recommend to all!"

(Martin, HSBC)


"Having failed to apply myself to learning French whilst at school I was not sure whether I would be able to remedy the situation as an adult.  I have been very pleasantly surprised at the progress that I have made and the supportive teaching methods that Susan uses which has been able to coax long forgotten French back into my brain!"  

(Amanda, HSBC)

“Susan was very knowledgeable and engaging and so made the sessions very useful. There were plenty of opportunities to practice with others and also get personal feedback from Susan.”

(George, NRF)

"Though I’ve never done any qualifications in French, my confidence in speaking, and my ability to understand more vocabulary on different topics has certainly improved in this class!"

(Alice, HSBC)


"I love the format of your classes - relaxed and focused on speaking - perfect!”

(Elwira Nagly, Television Executive)


"I find Susan's lessons v valuable in terms of adding up new words in my vocabulary. Every week, she finds v good articles to encourage great conversations among the participants. She also corrects our mistakes in grammar or pronunciation, whilst giving some examples of different usages of the words"

(Dizem, HSBC)


"I have just completed one course of ten lessons of French at GCSE level, and look forward to continuing these next term. Susan is a fantastic teacher, and her approach to teaching means that you feel comfortable giving things a go in the class, and indeed in asking questions where you aren't sure. We have been moving through a core textbook to improve our vocab and pronunciation, and as we come across different tenses we have also worked through sections of a grammar textbook. After a class discussion, we are also looking at fitting in some conversation towards the latter half of each lesson to help us express ourselves better in French. I very much look forward to the class every week and would highly recommend the lessons with Sue to language speakers of any level."
(Kathryn, Trainee Solicitor, Linklaters LLP)

"Sue's classes are a wonderful way to flex your linguistic muscles without taking too much time out of your busy schedule. You quickly find yourself understanding and being able to say more than you could imagine. A perfect option for anyone enjoying one of those language apps and want to take things further."
(Joe, Senior Consultant, Technology Start-up)