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French Advanced

Advanced French

This is suitable for people who have A-level or possibly degree level French, and/or have spent some time in France. The class will be mainly in French. We will look at articles from the French news. For example, we might look at the French medical or education system if it is in the news and see how it compares with what is happening here.

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French Higher Intermediate

This is for people who have done a few years French at school, maybe many years ago up to O-level or GCSE, or perhaps A-level. We read newspaper articles together and discuss them . As far as the grammar is concerned we'll revise the present tense, and masculine and feminine, singular and plural, and then look at the past and possibly future, and conditional tenses in detail. We look at slang and colloquial expressions. We'll also have a go at reading magazine excerpts and writing short essays.


"The classes have helped me to brush up on my French, I feel much more confident speaking now. The convenience of being able to learn in a lunch hour, in a friendly atmosphere is fantastic. It is also great to have ¾ of an hour a week to engage my brain in a different way." Shalini, HSBC

"Sue’s classes enjoyably and naturally build our vocabulary and confidence in French speaking through lively discussion, each week with a new topic to give context and shape to the lesson" Mark, HSBC

"I took a six-month sabbatical so decided to use some of the time to brush up my French. I studied for A level more than 30 years ago and although I had used my French from time to time on holiday, I was pretty rusty and out of date. Susan's advanced classes were stretching but great fun and focused on topical subjects that provoked lively contributions from the class. The experience has rekindled my love of the language and I enjoyed the opportunity to meet other Francophiles." Anna, FSA)