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Italian Intermediate

Italian Intermediate

As far as the grammar is concerned we'll revise the present tense, and masculine and feminine, singular and plural, and then look at the past and possibly future tenses in detail. This class is a roughly GCSE level. Students who speak other Latin languages or have studied them to A-level or degree level could join too. We will be chatting about subjects like shopping, spare time interests, and holidays in some depth.

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We recommend you email Susan to get an idea as to exactly what the best level is for you. If you would like to enrol please contact us.


The lessons are always interesting because Susan uses a variety of different approaches rather than simply working through a text book. These approaches can include analysis of current news reports, listening to recordings and practicing the language through discussion of what we are working on. The grammar and vocabulary are introduced in a natural and accessible way as we study. Learning the language is never hard work or tedious.

Susan is an inspirational teacher with both a gift for language and for teaching. I look forward to my weekly classes with enthusiasm. Melanie, Lecturer

"Susan is as interesting as she is interested in you. A great class and wonderful lady!" Tobias, HarperCollins Legal Counsel

"Extremely enjoyable classes held in a very friendly and professional manner, which enables me to develop my learning of the Italian language." Linda Executive assistant HSBC 

"I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed attending Italian Beginners Classes by the Barbican. Although I was born in Sicily, my main language is English. I can understand Italian and can be understood (I believe) when I speak Italian. However, after attending Susan's classes, my grammar has improved, I am more confident when speaking Italian and my vocabulary has expanded greatly. Susan's teaching style is professional yet easy going and encouraging at all times and this has benefited both myself and my fellow students. Susan, your classes have become a welcome start to my Tuesday mornings." Francesca, Linklaters


"I have now done a couple of years of intermediate/advanced Italian,as well as beginners' Portuguese - this year I'm going to be carrying on with Italian & doing beginners' Spanish as well. The classes are in my view excellent - they combine a traditional approach to grammar/structure with lots of opportunities to practice language skills & work thru exercises both in full class & in small groups. There's sometimes a little homework but optional & nothing too time-consuming although my experience has been that you get more out of classes if you do some preparation/revision in between. The level of the class has a degree of flexibility & can be adjusted to suit participants.The atmosphere is fun, engaging & friendly - we at GLA certainly found ourselves looking forward to the weekly lessons."  Maggie, GLA

"I have been studying Italian with Sue for a year, and have really enjoyed learning with her. Sue always makes the classes interesting and engaging, and encourages students to learn as no question is too stupid!" Daniel, Accountant PwC