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Spanish Intermediate

Spanish Intermediate


Spanish Intermediate 

Thursday 6.30pm (45 mins) Intermediate Spanish at More London (start date Thursday September 27th)

This is for beginners and people who have done some before, perhaps up to GCSE level. Often people have studied for a year or more in my classes. We'll aim to cover the following subjects: we'll learn how to say who you are, where you live, what your job is, and talk about your family. We'll look at how to buy clothes in a shop, book into a hotel, get out of an airport, and how to order food in a restaurant.

As far as the grammar is concerned we'll look at singular and plural, masculine, feminine and neuter, and the present tense, and some past tenses, and possibly the future and conditional.


Spanish intermediate classes are held at More London and are starting September 25th 2018. The courses cost £155 for returning students and £185 for new students.

We recommend you email Susan to get an idea as to exactly what the best level is for you. If you would like to enrol please contact us.


"Sue's classes are great fun and good for those of you looking to learn, maintain or improve on a language. I study GSCE level Spanish with Sue, having learnt most of my Spanish on the ground in Latin America. Her classes have proved invaluable in helping to keep up and improve my Spanish and have inspired me to make the push to become fluent!"
Iona, Associate, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP