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 A series of language courses will be running from Thursday September 28th for ten weeks. The cost is £180 for new students and £150 for returning students. All September classes will be held at More London, near London Bridge, and classes will be held both near Barbican and at More London starting in January 2018. They last for 45 minutes. Courses are open to beginners, intermediate and advanced speakers of French, Spanish and Italian as well as beginner and intermediate students of German. All classes begin on Thursday September 28th. More detailed explanations of what each level of class entails are available on the relevant pages for each class.

Class Times and Locations

 French classes

  • Thursday 12.45pm (45 mins) Beginners plus French
  • Thursday 7.15pm (45 mins) Intermediate French
  • Thursday 1.30pm (45 mins) Advanced French

Spanish classes

  • Thursday 8.00 pm (45 mins) Beginners Spanish 
  • Thursday 6.30pm (45 mins) Intermediate Spanish 

Italian classes

  • Thursday 12.00pm (45 mins) Beginners Plus Italian
  • Thursday 5.00pm (45 mins) Intermediate/Advanced Italian

German Classes

  • Thursday 5.45pm (45 mins)  Intermediate German  
  • Thursday 8.45pm (45mins) Beginner German