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Italian Beginners

Italian Stage 1

Classes starting September 28th 2017: Courses are £150 for returning students and £180 for new students


• Thursday 12.00pm (45 mins) Beginners plus  Italian at More London (start date Thursday September 28th)

•Tuesday 8.45am (45 mins) Beginners Plus Italian at Barbican (starting on Tuesdays January 2018)  

This is for beginners and also for people who have done some before but may want a refresher course  We'll aim to cover the following subjects:  we'll learn how to say who you are, where you live, what your job is, and talk about your family.

We'll look at how to buy clothes in a shop, book into a hotel, get out of an airport, and how to order food in a restaurant.

As far as the grammar is concerned we'll look at singular and plural, masculine and feminine, and the present tense, and if things go quickly, we may look at the past tense too.

The main emphasis will be on speaking the language, so that you can go to the country, and make your way around. We might have a go at things like Italian twenty questions, and learn some songs and sayings.

If you would like to enrol please contact us

Feedback about this course: 

"Just a brief email to say thank you for the wonderful Italian classes you have been running. I’m looking forward to continuing next term and to practising my Italian when I go to Italy this summer."
Alexandra,Partner, Anthony Gold

"I am coming to the end of my first team of learning beginners level Italian with Susan and have enjoyed it so much I have already signed up for the next term! The lessons are informal and fun. Susan is an excellent teacher who works at the pace of the class and I have learnt a lot in just a few weeks. I am looking forward to my Italian holiday to put my new found knowledge into practice."
Elise , PwC

"I started the basic Italian course with Susan a year ago and I have found it a fun and very useful course. It is a great way to meet with likeminded people and to gain reassurance that you really are speaking the language! Susan is very knowledgeable and always happy to change the pace of the course to suit the student’s needs, and answer any technical questions that you may have. Learning with Susan has given me the confidence to go and find a language exchange partner to further my learning. I would not hesitate to recommend these language courses to anyone at any level"
Accountant, London

Class times and venues from January 2017:

Class times and venues from September 2016:

 Italian class times and venues for May 2016   are as follows:

  •  Thursday 12.00pm (45 mins) Beginners plus  Italian  at More London (start date Thursday May 12th  )
  • Tuesday 8.45 am (45 mins)  Beginners plus Italian by the Barbican Silk St (start date Tuesday May 10th)