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German Beginners

German Beginners

German Beginners classes are held on Thursdays in More London starting Thursday January 31st 2019.
They cost £185 for new students and £155 for returning students. The times and levels are as follows: 


Thursday 8.45pm (45mins) Beginner German at More London (start date Thursday January 31st)

German Beginners

In this course we'll aim to cover the following subjects: we'll learn how to say who you are, where you live, what your job is, and talk about your family. We'll look at how to buy clothes in a shop, book into a hotel, get out of an airport, and how to order food in a restaurant. As far as the grammar is concerned we'll look at singular and plural, masculine, feminine, and neuter, the present tense, and if things go quickly, we may look at the past tense too. The main emphasis will be on speaking the language so that you can go to the country, and make your way around.

We recommend you email Susan to get an idea as to exactly what the best level is for you. If you would like to enrol please contact us.



"I have taken three terms of intermediate German with Sue. I was impressed with the sense of momentum right from the very first lesson. The balance of listening, speaking, reading and grammar has delivered remarkably quick results for the whole class. And all without any homework pressure!"
(Steffan, Solicitor)

"I first joined Susan's German beginners' class about seven years ago and have attended classes continuously for the past three years, reaching (I believe!) a good level in the intermediate class. I certainly coped well when I went to Cologne in June. The class is friendly and relaxed and Susan deals really skilfully with the inevitable mix of abilities, stretching everyone just a bit but not threatening anyone. There is a great mix of reading, listening and conversation, and grammar is introduced in digestible bits! I find the duration of the class just right. I have attended 2-hour language evening classes at local techs in the past and would never go back."
(Phil Pavey, Author)